Structural Subtleties

Steps towards the new

The method focuses on creating conditions to make possible the new in people's lives. The change is not related to a replacement of parts or dysfunctional elements (like a machine). Change is not a replacement for adjectives to decorate our script. Changes emerge from structural subtleties that allow us to open the landscape and renew the patterns that define the space where we live.

The subtleties are small changes that, if they can be sustained and extended in space, they can change the dynamics of the inner landscape.


To start a path of exploration through your landscape, it is necessary to understand the dimensions of this personal map and how your emotions define the inner landscape. By discovering the emotional dynamics, you realize why we should not blame the past for our oppression in the present.


This is the question that generates the passage from exploration to action. The three formulas explain how to transform the inner landscape. They offer suggestions and clues to deepen the personal work that allows you to transform the subtleties in the keys of a personal change.


This is a key question that will allow to sustain the changes and generate new perspectives in your inner landscape. Well-being is not related to the accumulation of material things but to the inspiration that moves us every day. You will find elements to take the leading role of your destiny, share an inspiring life, motivate other people to recreate your inner landscape.