The Formulas

Creating the change

Behind the change, there are conditions that make it possible. In this sense, the objective of the formulas is to create conditions to make possible the change in people.
To create new structural conditions, the formulas address three dimensions of intervention:


It is the ability to explore and identify the new in your life.


It is the capacity to give shape and body to the new in your life.


It is the ability to hold and sustain the new in your life.
The formulas are conceptual equations that show the articulation of two specific dimensions to achieve concrete results.


This formula allows people to approach the possibilities and opportunities to enrich your inner landscape. Extending the horizon or your personal map implies creating conditions to find “the new” around you.


This formula allows people to explore the ideas and emotions that determine the shapes and signs of their experiences. We can rewrite the script of our experiences and give more colors to our daily life.


This formula allows people to design a new direction in their lives and sustain that path of change. Sustaining the new renews the enthusiasm and inspiration in our lives.