Conquer new realities

Change is an invitation to make possible the new in our lives. The oppression of our daily lives is not related to the characteristics of the outer world, but rather the possibilities of our inner landscape. People change if they have the decision to transform their living conditions.

The conquering of new realities is settled between two dimensions: What inspires you to move from your comfortable dissatisfaction? And what motivates you to hold a new direction in your life? The first dimension relates to the purpose that moves you to get out of your known landscape. The second refers to an emotional frame that is necessary to contain the private negotiation which struggles with different instances of transformation.

purpose + commitment = transformation

Draw a promising horizon
The horizon is related to your purpose. The transcendence of the purpose provides a framework of future regarding the direction and the implications of the process of change. The variety of your options determines how open or oppressive is your inner world. To create a promising horizon, follow these points: express your inspiration, catch the unexpected, and recover your inner space.

Strengthen the emotional determination
This aspect involves the emotional support of people to maintain self-confidence and motivation to keep the purpose. The core of commitment is trust. The emotional determination provides conditions for personal empowerment to deal with the challenges. To hold people emotionally, follow these points: diversify the responses, shift the discouragement, and bring the future into your present.

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