The Formula of Alternatives

We are the architects of our explanations which allow us to approach reality from different perspectives. The diversity of personal statements can define context as an attractive space or a landscape of constraints and threats. The characteristics of the context, do not create the statements. By contrast, our explanations are those that create the features of the situations that we face. We create the landscapes which influence in the decision alternatives. Therefore, statements about the complexity of the context (observations and explanations) define own movements (choices and decisions).

possibilities + opportunities = alternatives

Emerging contexts are constantly creating new situations, some of which are unpredictable. The alternatives are not in the context, because context has no alternatives. The alternatives depend on the decisions of people who address specific situation with a specific purpose. The objective of the application of the formula is to extend the possibilities and expand opportunities to create a favorable context of alternatives. In this sense, work is oriented to:

This point means to expand, redefine and transform context characteristics. This intervention involves the following aspects: a) Integrate the influence of new actors, b) Identify processes that affect (positively or negatively) the relationships between the elements of the context, c) Project possible states that transform the characteristics of the situations in the future.

This point means to reframe, refine and revise the interpretations and explanations about the context possibilities. This intervention involves the following actions: a) Update your beliefs to expand interpretations of events, b) Recognize moods and put your feelings into words, c) Check stereotypes to avoid repeat recipes compulsively.

How to apply this formula in organizations

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