The Formula of Experiences

Our everyday life is a sequence of experiences that we order through a script that distributes characters and organizes the meaning of events. This script is a personal frame of reference that reshapes the past, describes the present and projects the future. In other words, our interpretation creates the features of contexts. Descriptions set the meaning of events which are emotionally colored by chemistry. This combination of chemistry and sense sets the way each person experiences everyday events.

contents + emotions = experiences

To transform your experiences is necessary to change the conditions that create those experiences. According to formula, experiences arise from two components. The first part relates to the meanings that define the contents of the personal interpretations and explanations about certain events in the context. The second is related to the chemistry of emotions that set the modalities of responses against those events. In this regard, the transformation of experiences involves two aspects relates to reframing of interpretations and redefinition of emotions.

Inevitably we live within a story that explains our relationship with everyday events, so it is necessary to take care ideas fueling this story. To clear our interpretations from harmful and irrelevant ideas is a need to address three points: a) clarify the relevant ideas in our daily lives; b) to avoid misrepresentation of ideas; c) frame the routine to avoid invading our priorities.

Emotions define the quality of decisions. For this reason, emotions support the movements and motivation of individuals. To care emotions, you must take care of the quality of energy in the situations you get involved. To do this is necessary to consider the following axes: a) avoid the aggression of the scenes; b) accepting diversity and the equanimity of relations; c) maintain enthusiasm and curiosity to enrich inspiration.

How to apply this formula in organizations

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