The Formula of Sustainability

In recent decades, changes in the context widened the instability gap and the unpredictability of the decisions landscape. In this frame, the quality of relationships is a key strategic factor for organizations because it defines the perceptions, attitudes, and decisions in different stakeholders. The quality of the linkages affects the context of the activities of the organization. Under this principle, we have designed a model of sustainability based on based on three levels of management: maintain productive activity, encourage personal growth, and sustain a responsible social participation.
This sustainability model can be expressed by the following formula to create a business model through the management of three levels of symmetrical development.

outcomes + human talent + social participation

This axis involves the sustainability of the company or institutional activity. This level of management involves the ability of the company or organization to keep development alternatives for their products or services responding to the demands and changes of context. The fulfillment of corporate objectives and performance effectiveness in business management, depend on this level of development.

This axis involves the strength of the productive core of the organization or company composed of people (personal capacity) and the quality of the interaction (group integration).. This level of management involves the ability to create an innovative culture based on a strong identity and integration of people. The responsiveness to the challenges of context as well as the commitment levels of people with the goals of the organization, depend on the conditions of the workplace and the and emotional context of relationships.

This axis involves the responsibility of a company or organization to maintain a transparent and positive relationship in the social context where it operates. This level of management involves the need to protect its image, have respect for the environment and social groups linked to their production. The social value of an organization and its political presence in markets / communities depend on their sensitivity and commitment to care the social impact of its activities.

How to apply this formula in organizations

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