The Formula of Transformation

People change if they have the determination to transform their living conditions. In other words, change relates to the creation of new patterns to interact under new conditions of life (internal and external). While all living systems must adapt to its context, the particularity of human systems is that the quality of the emotions defines the mode of adaptation to changes. The transformation of human systems is not a question of adjectives about the image of "how we are?". By contrast, it is a matter of verbs that define "the way we live".

purpose + engagement = transformation

Creation of new conditions of life articulates two dimensions. First, the purpose that provides meaning to the process and defines a symbolic reference for decisions and movements. Secondly, an emotional frame to contain the internal negotiation of people facing instances of transformation. The engagement holds the determination of individuals to maintain the purpose facing the environmental conditions.

This aspect involves thinking what place does this decision in your life and how much enriches your daily choices? In this sense, there are three important points to consider: a) Define a transcendent path, b) Define process rules, c) Do not get lost on unimportant issues.

The core of engagement is trust. This point refers to the emotional framework that allows the involvement of people in the process and provides conditions for improvement. To do this is necessary to consider the following points: a) diversify results to contain the anxiety, b) rescue the positive in every moment, c) Keep the future present in your decisions.

How to apply this formula in organizations

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